The content viewed here at straightmen.com was originally produced, directed, and conceived by Mike Hancock and we’d like you to know a little bit more about him. So in his own words:

Like many young guys who grew up in southern California , I have great memories of spending sunny days at the beach, attending motocross races in the desert and cheering on my favorite hockey and baseball teams from the stands. Most of the time, I just hung out with my friends doing the things that we thought were cool.

Throughout our senior year of high school, my girlfriend and I would openly talk about both girls and guys that we mutually found attractive. I married my girlfriend just after graduation, and we both attended a local college, where we were a liberal couple, often having threesomes with male and female partners. When women joined the circle, our focus was on my wife exploring her sexuality with other women. Being a consummate voyeur, I enjoyed watching her have sex with other beautiful women as well as knowing how much pleasure it was giving her to explore her own sexuality. When a man was invited into our circle, even though I also enjoyed watching him fuck my wife and eat her pussy, our focus was primarily on me having the opportunity to explore my sexuality with another man. As with many couples, my wife found it arousing to watch me explore my sexual boundaries with another man. It was through these varied sexual encounters where the barriers of labels defining our sexuality melted away. We both became just as comfortable having sex with members of the same sex as we were with members of the opposite sex.

It was also during this phase in my life that I gained valuable insight into the nature of human sexuality. I found that most people view themselves by the lifestyles they lead, not the sexual acts they engage in, so as long as we didn't try to attach labels to people, they were more open-minded with exploring their sexuality further than we ever thought possible. It was all about respecting the image of ourselves that mattered, despite the actions that we were mutually participating in. Curiously enough, I discovered that I really got turned on watching the guys fuck my wife. It made me want the guy even more, knowing that he enjoyed sexually pleasing a woman, yet secure enough in his own sexuality that he could let go of societal precepts and enjoy sex on many different levels with a man as well. I relish memories of philosophical debates with friends on the true nature of sexuality, male sexuality in particular, while taking hits off of handmade bongs.

After college, I entered the work force, where I met Garry. A swinger himself, Garry was married, but had had several sexually gratifying experiences with other men and women, many of whom were also married or in relationships where the freedom of sexual exploration was celebrated. It was through this common bond that our strong friendship was formed. Garry was like a brother to me, and later became the buddy I confided in when I discovered that my wife and one of the guys brought into our circle were seeing each other outside of the "threesome" parameters. As our marriage began to unravel, my wife and I made a move to preserve our friendship, and we amicably divorced.

After the divorce, I really took stock of my life and where it was going. I was a big consumer of amateur adult erotica, so the transition into becoming an adult entertainment producer was a natural one for me. In addition, building websites was a clear extension of the technical skills I acquired in my corporate job. Garry and I created a stockpile of amateur videos while researching the ins and outs of the adult entertainment industry, and thus Hancock Studios was born.

Finally, I've had the privilege of meeting and working with other successful webmasters who have been able to build sites and create niches for themselves. I pride myself on falling into this small, elite group of amateur and "pro-am" producers who deliver what we promise to consumers. Like them, I aspire to grow and continue to be a valuable contributor to an online community that appreciates quality adult entertainment.

Thank you for your support and enjoy,
Mike Hancock